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The Casino Theatre is available for rental. 

Hold your next recital, play, concert or

business presentation in our historic


Email us for rental rates.

The Casino Theatre is equipped with a professional sound

and lighting systems.  We also feature a motorized screen

and video projector.  Contact the Casino Theatre for details.

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Sound System -  10,000 watt 8-amplifier system driving two side speaker cabinets consisting of low, median and high range speakers and sub-woofers and a center-stage speaker cluster.  A four channel stage monitor system is located back stage on a wheeled rack.  A 32 channel stage snake is installed from stage left to the sound console located in the rear of the auditorium.  The sound console is a 32 channel board with channel eq’s and multiple “sends”.  A multi-channel processing rack is also available and can be patched into any desired channel for limiting and compression functions.  One handheld wireless mic is available as well as a number of wired microphones.  The stage is wired to hang five overhead choir microphones.
Light System -  The lighting system consists of two separate DMX universes.  One universe is used to control the conventional stage lights and is controlled by a MC-7024 24 channel NSI light board.  There are 16 overhead Altman 65Q fresnels, 4 front-of-house Altman elipsoidals, 2 LED elipsoidals,  and 4 Par 56 lamps.  The other DMX universe controls LED “smart lights”.  These are controlled by a computer running MEGALite software.  There are eight Charvet Intimidator 350 Beam moving heads installed overhead downstage.  There are 6 Blizzard Puck Pro Zoom LED fixtures with variable beam width and a multitude of colors and effects installed overhead. 
An in-house intercom system is installed to communicate between the sound board, light board, stage left, stage right, and lobby. Optional Ticketing Service  -  We offer our on-line ticketing service to our rental clients.  This service gives your attendees the convenience of purchasing tickets on-line with the options of having tickets waiting at will-call the day of the show, printing the tickets on their own computer and printer, having tickets mailed directly to them, or having the tickets on their wireless devices.  Attendees will be able to select their seats.  This service is an additional $100.  Pre-printed tickets with seat numbers  are approximately $55 per performance.